Tuesday, 23 April 2013

What Kind Of Sealant Can I Use For Slate Tiles Bathroom?

Sealing slate tiles before and after installation process can prevent your tiles from discoloration and other problems. Like other tiles slate tiles bathroom, tends to look strong and rough but they are not. There are many types including water-based, oil-based and polyurethane-based sealants. Whatever your choice be, it is always advisable to perform pre-grout and post grout sealing. Pre-grout type sealing makes the sealant sit on the surface, while the other types allow the sealant to penetrate into the tiles.

One major problem while laying slate bathroom tiles are that when applying grout on the sides of tiles, there is a possibility of staining. So it is better to seal the tiles before installing. Or you can soak tiles before installation. Post-type sealing increases the durability of the tiles. Pre -sealing and post type of sealing increase the durability of the stone and gives them a permanent shine. 


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