Sunday, 21 April 2013

Cleaning The Black Galaxy Granite Tiles

Are you planning to remodel the house? Then, black galaxy granite is the ideal choice, as they make the surface look clean and hygienic.

You have to sweep the floor regularly to remove all the dust particles. You can use a broom and a dust bin to eliminate the moisture from the surface. For the countertops, you can use a sponge or a hand brush to remove any particles. Spray the stone cleaner on the spills and stains and work on them to remove them completely.

You can use lemon juice on hard stains, as they will loosen up. You should not leave the lemon juice for more hours, as they are acidic. They will remove the brightness of the floor. You can remove the stuck-on gunk using the razor blade. Scratch the floor with the razor blade to remove the hard stains and this blade will not harm the granite tiles. At last, you have to apply the sealant made for the granite and allow them to dry completely before using the surface.


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