Thursday, 25 April 2013

Can I Clean My Kitchen Marble Tiles With Acids?

If marbles are installed on kitchen floor then, continue reading my post. My kitchen tiles are about 6 years but still they shine and glitter like new ones. Marbles are very sensitive and effective even to the weak acids like vinegar, lemon juice, and fruit juices. Even though your tiles are polished or unpolished, never attempt to clean your floor with acids. 

The content present in acids, make the floor to be etched and faded. In a most awful case, marble starts breaking into a white sand. Even a spill of soda or cirtric juice can spoil your tiles. If you have spilled the acid by accident, quickly pour water on the floor and wipe it with a soft and spongy cloth. And, make sure the floor is dry.  But some of it will remain underneath the surface. Use cleansers that are not acidic and harsh. Use the appropriate cleanser to clean your floor. Even spill of wine and alcohol can etch the surface. 

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