Sunday, 21 April 2013

Removing The Scratches From The Sandstone Tiles

You have to wear rubber gloves before starting the work. Mix the oxygen bleach powder with warm water and dissolve them completely. Dip the plastic scrubbing brush into the solution and work on the area where there are scratches. This will eliminate the germs from the marks and use a cloth dipped with fresh water to remove the solutions. Again, you must use a dry cloth to clean the sandstone tiles.

Dip the steel wool in cold water and rub on the scratches to remove them completely from the surface. Use a low grade of steel wool, as heavy grade will damage the surface. If the scratches are deeper, then opt for a professional to remove them. You have to apply sandstone sealant after removing the scratches and allow them to dry. You can apply a second coat of sealant to protect the surface.


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