Sunday, 24 March 2013

Solve Kitchen Tile Issues With My Kitchen Tiles Ideas

Are you confused in finding out the suitable flooring for your kitchen? I hope I may recommend with few tips to find out the best. Decorating the kitchen doesn’t look much hectic.  We can easily decide with our basic needs to make our kitchen an elegant and decorative one.  I would like to share my experience in decorating my kitchen. My basic needs were durability, long lasting, water resistance and stain confrontation.  I planned kitchen tiles not only for floor but also for the wall, back splashes and counterparts. I made a combination of different tile material like glass, metal, marble and stone to create a fresh look and they were less in cost.

I matched glossy look tiles and the matt look tiles to give a unique look to my foils. Finding out the best suitable tiles for my flooring was quite confusing. I ended up choosing a dark color which made my kitchen look large. I took contrasting color tiles to make my kitchen elegant.  We all knew that kitchen is the place where we withstand lot of problems like sagging things, liquid spill outs and skippering.  I chose ceramic tiles for the flooring as they are durable and water resistant.  According to the different colors I suited them with a best color for the wall paints. The last but not least the counterparts of the kitchen have to maintained with special care as they hold all the kitchen utensils including knives. By that way, cleaning the tiles was easy by simple sweep out with few detergents. 

Bathroom Tiles ideas

Bathroom happens to be a main part of the home. So, it has to be kept neat and decorative. I installed floor and wall tiles for my bathroom. I made sure it was installed by an expert to get an error free work. Choosing the tiles depends upon few queries to be cleared out like the usage, color, designs and maintenance.  I contacted few local merchants for the best Bathroom Tiles ideas. My bathroom has few windows and doesn’t look darker. So, I avoided bright colors like black or red as they make the room look small.  I ended up with mismatching two different colors of ceramic tiles to my bathroom. I paved way for calm colors like green, blue and violet and accomplished with few delightful bathroom accessories.   

I chose a grout free tile to avoid unnecessary dirt settling on the bathroom tiles.  I chose textured tiles, as it gives a rasping tone and avoids skippering.  Many people think that maintaining this ceramic tile is a big task but I assure a simple sweep out with few drops of vinegar that will do wonders to the entire bathroom. I personally advise not to use bleach or any other acids as they dull the tile color.  To avoid scratches on the tiles, don’t drag or drop any heavy objects.  Ceramic tiles are the best idea for the bathroom flooring. They are familiar for their durability, water and fire resistance. Ceramic wall tiles are much cheaper than the others and easy to install. 

Friday, 22 March 2013

How To Install Jura Limestone Tiles

Limestone Tiles are durable and are one of the hardest available. This quality makes it usable in many areas whether in the interiors or exteriors. They are available in the shades of Blue Gray which makes it look really elegant on floor as well as walls.

The Jura Lime stone tiles look great on walls with their color palate changing from blue to gray. The ammonites or belemnites in the stone make them look exotic. Because of the porous nature of the tiles, they can be used for heating purposes through under floor mechanism. They look extremely good in both matte finish with a smooth hone and a polished finish.

The color and pattern of these stones make them uniquely beautiful. This has become very popular and used in many homes. The texture is different from any other stone in the market. These are mined in the Jura Mountains, Germany. This has been proven to be the toughest limestone available. They are used a lot in high usage areas like hallways, kitchens and dining areas. The natural limestone will add a touch of class to any entry way. It could also add a rustic look to the outdoor bathhouses. They are known for their enduring beauty.

Depending on the style of the room, or the whole house, use the color and pattern. The tiles can be installed skillfully if proper tools are available. If the sub floor is already laid, then concrete should be poured on it and leveled. If it is a remodeled floor, a backer board, which is water resistant, is needed. Measure the room and buy the number of tiles accordingly. Always buy a few more for fittings at the edges or to compensate for damages. The store manager would advise on the right kind of grout or mortar to use for the floor. Laying of these should be started from the center of the room. Lay the stones next to each other first without securing. Organize them and then start plastering to the floor. Porous stone like this might need a sealant. A sealant makes them stain proof and water resistant. If sealant is not used, water and other spills will be absorbed by the stone which makes the stone to change color and stain easily. To fill the edges perfectly, some stones might need cutting. While cutting the stones use proper tools and safe guard yourself against the dust and stone chips. After laying all the stones, allow them to dry for a few hours. Fill in the gaps with grout. Clean the excess with a soft and damp cloth. Once the grout is dried completely, the floor is ready to use.

Limestone Tiles are available in many types like the  Blue Gray,  Beige and  Blue. They give a beautiful texture to the floor and these colors are desired by many homeowners. The blue and gray shades add a touch of royalty to the houses. They are durable and less porous when compared to the normal variety. The edges are cut uniquely into diamonds to emphasize their pattern and texture. These polished tiles enhance the creativity in the house and match with the regal d├ęcor of the house.