Friday, 28 July 2017

Floor Tiles - Latest Trend in Home Remodeling

If planning to change your flooring then there are several options to choose from. First take ceramic floor tiles. These slabs are simply beautiful and they are also resilient towards moisture, dust, dirt and grime. The striking feature of ceramic slabs is that they are convenient to install and easy to maintain. You can even try installing these pieces on your own. Since they come in a wide array of colors, designs and patterns, you will find no difficulty in creating compelling floor designs with these slabs. Ceramic slabs are available at all leading tiles stores and you can also find them on online stone shops.

Ceramic floor tiles are beautiful, durable, waterproof and above all cost effective. Most homeowners choose ceramic slabs because with these pieces they can save money while remodeling their homes. Ceramic is your best bet if you are working in limited budget. If you don't find your kind of design and colors in ceramic then try marble slabs. Marble is simply irresistible. It is the preferred choice of homeowners and homemakers but its high price discourages average homeowners from using it. You can choose majestic white marble, cappuccino marble, botticino and dark emperador marble. These are some of the best selling marble varieties in the world.

Marble floor tiles have certain disadvantages like they stain easily. Marble is a porous stone and for this reason it absorbs moisture quickly. Experts recommend that marble should be used selectively. If you are using marble all over your home then you should make sure that these slabs are protected from moisture. Ideally you should use polished slabs only as they are water resistant. Another way to protect the slabs from moisture is to seal them. Precaution is the key to maintenance for marble floors. You should use rugs and carpets to protect your slabs from spills and stains.

Experts recommend different floor tiles for different rooms. For example, granite slabs are best for kitchen floor and travertine is good for bathroom. Travertine can also be used for pool, patio and terrace. Marble pieces should be used in living room, bedroom and study. In this way, you can use every variety of slabs in your home and make it look different from others. This is called cosmetic remodeling in which renovation is done considering the basic requirements of the area concerned. You can also choose to remodel your home in parts to escape the exertion of complete remodeling.

Friday, 21 July 2017

Kitchen Wall Tiles - Romance In Kitchen

If a kitchen update is in your mind then consider kitchen wall tiles instead of paint or wallpaper. The paint will spoil within a few months and also a painted wall is difficult to clean. Slabs are the best option for you even if you are working in a strict budget. There are many places from where you can buy cheap but quality slabs. You can visit traditional shops or access online stores when searching for discounted slabs. To save more money, you can try installing the slabs on your own. Tiles set decently on the surface and if you know how to grout them then you don't need to call a mason.

Your wife spends a good part of the day in kitchen cooking delicious meals and snacks. It's your duty to make this area more comfortable for your wife so that she doesn't feel bored or exhausted when cooking meals. Looking at drab walls when preparing meals can adversely affect her cooking and she could end up preparing very formal dishes. If this happens, you shouldn't scold your wife for not cooking delicacies. You should strive to make the kitchen a comfortable place for her. Installing kitchen wall tiles can be a great idea to transform the look of your cooking area from a dull place to a functional one.

You can't cook good food because you have never tried cooking but you can assist your wife in cooking meals. You can help her cut vegetables, chop meat or crush eggs. First of all make your cooking area a romantic place where you and your wife can spend some private moments when cooking meals. With kitchen wall tiles, you can add colors to the cooking area and make it look like a garden. Choose hand painted picturesque slabs for your cooking area and treat your wife like a queen.

Bring maintenance free kitchen wall tiles for your home and have peace of mind for years. Slabs are water proof and germ free. Ask your wife which color of slabs she likes most and renovate your cooking area using the slabs she has chosen. Online stone and tiles stores can provide you plenty of options. You can find all kinds of wall slabs including ceramic, porcelain, marble, granite, travertine and slate on online stores. The best thing about Internet stores is that they offer lucrative discounts on each variety of slabs.

Floor Tiles - Maintaining Tiled Floors

Floor tiles are supposed to be maintenance free and for this reason homeowners don't take much pain in caring for their tiled floors. It is true that tiles are hard wearing, water proof, scratch resistant and spill proof but you should not expose them to water, scratches and spills. A little precaution will not only increase the life of your flooring but also keep them in good condition for long time. First make sure that the slabs are correctly installed and properly grouted. Bathroom and kitchen slabs would require sealing for added protection from water and acidic and caustic liquids.

Covering floor tiles

Mats and rugs are best companions of your slabs. They will protect them from grime and also soak the excess moisture from the surface. Put a good quality mat on the entrance and request your guests to wipe their footwear on the mat prior to stepping in. This exercise will remove all the grime from the footwear and thus prevent your slabs from the grime that your guests would otherwise carry with their footwear. Similarly, you can put rugs on the entrance of the bathroom. The rug will soak the moisture from your feet and thus prevent the slabs from the moisture.

Sweeping and vacuuming floor tiles

Take a soft bristles broom and sweep your slabs regularly at least twice in a day. Sweeping will remove the dirt from the slabs and make them look sparkling clean all the time. Vacuuming is also necessary but not regularly. You can vacuum clean the tiled floor once in a fortnight. You must be thinking that when sweeping can clean the slabs then where is the need to vacuum them. Sweeping takes particles that are visible but leaves very fine particles than can set on the surface if not taken away. Broom can't take away everything but vacuum can make a tiled floor look perfectly clean.

Washing floor tiles

This may surprise you but it's true that slabs require occasional washing. For washing slabs, you need a special solution because chemical rich detergent can deface the slabs and also pull out the grout from its place. Slabs should be washed with oxygen bleach solution. It is a color safe and non-toxic cleaning solution. You can prepare this solution at home with few helping hands. Wash the slabs once in a week with oxygen bleach solution. By following these simple and viable tips you can keep your slabs in good condition forever.

Sunday, 25 January 2015

Types of Slate Tiles

There are two types of Slate tiles available in the market, one is natural slate and another one is synthetic slate however, both are very popular among the homeowners and professional designers. The natural slate is directly come from the mines while synthetic slate can be manufactured anywhere. Some renowned mines of natural slate are situated includes south America , Brazil ad united kingdom on the other hand synthetic tiles are mainly manufactured in china. Both tiles have their own qualities such as natural slate comes in limited colors and it is less strong while synthetic slate comes in different colors and highly durable. Nevertheless, both kinds of slates are best options for the home renovation and now it is up to you, which kind of tiles you like to prefer for your home d├ęcor.

There are many manufacturers all over the world, who, produce synthetic Slate tiles and marketed them in entire world and these synthetic slates are going to be very popular among all tiles distributors as they are cheap, stylish and durable. The natural Slate tiles also are in huge demand that is why the production of these tiles is increasing rapidly day by day. These tiles can be installed anywhere such as hotels, malls, commercial places, giant buildings and of course homes. These tiles come in different colors, shapes, textures, design and patterns. Many homeowners like to install these tiles because they provide an incredible look to any area where they are installed so these tiles are the best option for the modern home renovation. 

Specifics Allied With Wonderful Floor Casings

People very often use Travertine Tiles to enhance the beauty of their homes. Travertine appears to be quite tough and has a long life. One can easily get travertine strips in a number of colors including brown, cream as well as white. It is commonly utilized for construction of individual residences as well as commercial buildings. Deposition of limestone leads to the creation of Travertine. There are a number of cuts in the outer surface of travertine which occur by nature. Grouts are used for filling the gaps which arise because of deterioration. In order to give the stone a smooth as well as shiny appearance, grinding is done on the surface. A person can purchase strips according to his own needs.

Flooring are easily accessible for the consumers in a variety of shades as well as dimensions. Travertine is also installed by many individuals to offer an exquisite look to the front elevation of their houses. Apart from this, it helps in covering up walls as well as floors. Having a sturdy nature Travertine Tiles does not require a lot of protection. Installation of travertine strips does not involve a lot of effort and consequently an individual can detach as well as join the same with ease. Some significant points that should be remembered regarding travertine stones is its engraving as well as manipulation. Such tiles are fixed in the kitchens, living rooms as well as bathrooms in trendy houses. Being quite inexpensive similar tiles are highly appreciated by innumerable people all over the world.

Occupying Almost Every Wall Of The House Ceramic Have Many Forms

Benefiting the cost of the luxury life nowadays attached kitchen with the dining table is a new and continued trend in almost every house. To this very point clothing the walls of our kitchen is the unforgettable part while setting up a kitchen or renovating it. Fast developing technology has also added up to the efficiency and designing of our kitchen. Kitchen wall tiles can be made up of porcelain, glass, ceramic, metal and stone material neglecting the cost of the material  the companies are making them on large scale as per by the increasing demand of the consumer. Visually sound muting designs, shapes and textures are in the market on very large scale and unlimited variety.

Depending on the size of the kitchen the kitchen wall tiles must be selected in a very appropriate manner so as to give kitchen a nice touch and an optic delight. Various styles and designs can be met due to the availability of the options like Eclectic, Asian, Contemporary, Traditional, Tropical and other modern designs. Kitchen with the absence of chimney must avoid the wooden kitchen wall tiles that are used on large scale when you opt. for Eclectic design, as they will carry a mark of smoke after every session of cooking. The first impression is last impression sometimes makes itself count; especially when you are living a life of high standard and the social status is more of a concern than any other thing. Suggestions from family members and other professionals could be of great use and can provide you a better option.

Thursday, 15 January 2015

Coloured Grout – Opting for the Right Colour

One of the most vital tasks is to pick the best color of grout in order to grace your project in an apt manner. It is a fact that the wrong color may destroy one's piece. The scenario also holds true for mosaic art involving residential and commercial purposes.

There are some general rules and regulations. First and foremost is that grout is used just for the purpose of filling. Therefore, it is not an adhesive under any circumstances. The basic purpose is to simply fill in the gaps between the tiles. As it is meant to smooth out the overall look of one's piece, its major task is to hide some ragged edges so that the piece looks beautiful.

Taking into consideration the tile industry, there has come a thumb rule that grout is basically used to color. For the purpose, gray and brown have always stayed atop as their varying shades are mesmerizing. In case, if one is using cool colors, then it is always good to opt for grey coloured grout. In case one needs warm colors, one may opt for the brown grout. For an overall light effect, it is good to choose a light colored grout that makes things good for the user.

Therefore, in case you opt for rich cobalt blue with a hint of light aqua and white thrown, it is recommended to go for a dark gray grout. Taking into consideration the various colours, we find that the cobalt is a cool color and dark tile. Apart from that, if in case you would like to opt for varying shades of reds, oranges, and yellows, it is recommended to go for medium tone brown grout.

For the purpose in case one is interested to go for bright appearance, a mosaic of a brown duck is due in floating in a pool of water with a blue sky. Here your focal point must remain as far as the brown duck that is warm and the background.

In order to pick the proper coloured grout for one's piece, it is good to stay focused on the duck. In case you are opting for the duck whole, you must use a brown grout. It is always good to go for the background that comes with brown grout. It will be fractured a bit, however it is only in case if you are using the wrong shade of brown.

However, in case you prefer to make your grout joints stand out, you may opt for black and white colours. Black coloured grout proves beneficial when it comes to an amazing choice for those brightly colored tiles. It is a fact that grout colorants can give you loads of options and that is what makes them all the more significant and worthwhile.

Why Grouting Is So Important In Tiling?

Colored grout no doubt enhances the appearance of tiles and adds beauty to the interior by hiding the imperfections, if any, on the walls and floors. But without sealant it is good for nothing.

So you have remodeled your floors, walls, kitchen backslash and countertops with glossy ceramic tiles. The work is complete and you know that your friends will admire your selection of tiles. The creativity you have displayed with tiles will get appreciation from friends and associates but here is an issue. Your tiling work is incomplete unless you grout the tiles. Grouting doesn't mean polishing or cleaning the slabs you have set decently on floor and walls. Grout is just a filler that is used in filling the space and gap that is left inadvertently between the tiles. On careful inspection, you can discover the gap on your wall and floor tiles. Take the colored grout that matches with your tiles and fill the space.

Picking out the best colored grout is very important to complete your project. A mismatch will destroy your masterpiece and this is especially true for fine mosaic art. Grout seals the gap between the slabs and thus helps hold the tile in place. Some believe that grout is a water resistant substance that prevents the water and moisture from entering the base. You grout the tiles just to fill the gap and give tiles a uniform look. To stop the water from draining down the slabs, you need to use a sealer on the grout.

Colored grout is readily available in the market hence you will find no hassle in finding the grout that matches perfectly with the color of your tiles. Or you can select the product that contradicts with your tile colors. Take for instance you are using light colored tiles then the grout should be darker in contrast to the color of the tiles. If you want to hide imperfections in tiles then use matching color grout as it will veil the imperfection. There are many options when it comes to grouting tiles but you should make sensible choice.

Colored grout no doubt enhances the appearance of tiles and adds beauty to the interior by hiding the imperfections, if any, on the walls and floors. But without sealant it is good for nothing. Quality sealer helps the grout withstand moisture, dirt and debris. It also improves the life of grout and keeps it shining forever. Apply the sealer carefully on the grout after the grouting is complete. Use appropriate tools to apply the sealer and make sure that no space or gap is left without sealer.

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Electric Under Floor Heating - A Guide To The Most Popular Under floor Heating System

Electric under floor heating is a great way to warm your interiors when cold winters are in full swing. This type of heating suitable for all types of floors including laminate, concrete, tile, wood and even carpet. In winters, home becomes very chill and uncomfortable. You could feel the cold wave in every nook and corner of your home. There is no escape from the chill if you are not using some kind of heating system to warm your home. There are many heating systems available in the market but the underfloor heating with electric wires is the best home warming system.

Ideally you should install the electric under floor heating when the home is in construction stage or when you are renovating the flooring. If you want to install the heating system in a well built home then you have to lift the flooring to set the system at place. For electric heating, electric mats are placed all over the floor. These mats come in different shapes and sizes. You can buy a large electric mat and cut it to fit into the shape of your room. The electric cable attached to the mat will draw energy from mains power supply. Once installed correctly, this kind of heating system requires little maintenance.

With electric under floor heating, you can enjoy the winters as there will be no chill wave in your home. In winters, kids and old people face many problems like common cold, backache, stiffness in the body and laziness. People like to stay at home to escape the chill. Other heating systems like heat radiator are not as effective as under floor heating and for this reason people choose latter system. If you are thinking that this system will increase your electricity bill then you are wrong. This system uses little energy so that you don't feel much pressure on your pocket.

What makes electric under floor heating best is that this system warms the entire home. On the other hand, heat radiators can warm only a limited area. If you are using radiators to warm your home then you are paying a high price to warm limited area. You have to sit before the radiator to get some warmth but with under floor heating system, you can feel the warmth in every nook and corner of your home. Since the electric mats come in different shapes and sizes, you won't find any difficulty in choosing the right mat for your home. know more about buy wall and floor tiles

Thursday, 1 January 2015

Make an Impression On Others With Travertine Tiles

These days people are surely cautious about new trend for home or office decoration, everyone wants to use latest things to decorate his/her home or office .Travertine tiles are the new trend of flooring homes and offices, Travertine tiles adds elegance and incredibleness to your office or homes.
It is a natural stones and found beneath the surface of earth, it has a different appearance, and style .it gives every part of the decorated area a unique and elegant appearance. It is available in different types of shades and colors .such as dark, reddish brown and gold shades. Travertine are very easy to make shape and can be fix to even where other stone are difficult to fit .it is popular in both homes and offices and always play very important role to decorate indoor and outdoor.

Travertine tiles are very durable therefore very popular and apart from the old times Travertine tiles are now used in modern buildings. In these modern times, people want to make their homes or offices elegantly designed therefore most of the people like to prefer Travertine tiles for their homes or offices decoration.

Travertine tiles are available on very reasonable price and easy to buy. Many people are surprised at its attractive look. Travertine tiles for such people those want to decorate their homes or offices in a very different way and want to see their homes and offices unique and incredible. It is natural stone good for all types of applications

Therefore, if people want to decorate their homes and offices very elegant and unique they must use it as it is real natural stone for decoration. Now be ready to buy Travertine tiles in order to make impression of others.