Friday, 21 July 2017

Floor Tiles - Maintaining Tiled Floors

Floor tiles are supposed to be maintenance free and for this reason homeowners don't take much pain in caring for their tiled floors. It is true that tiles are hard wearing, water proof, scratch resistant and spill proof but you should not expose them to water, scratches and spills. A little precaution will not only increase the life of your flooring but also keep them in good condition for long time. First make sure that the slabs are correctly installed and properly grouted. Bathroom and kitchen slabs would require sealing for added protection from water and acidic and caustic liquids.

Covering floor tiles

Mats and rugs are best companions of your slabs. They will protect them from grime and also soak the excess moisture from the surface. Put a good quality mat on the entrance and request your guests to wipe their footwear on the mat prior to stepping in. This exercise will remove all the grime from the footwear and thus prevent your slabs from the grime that your guests would otherwise carry with their footwear. Similarly, you can put rugs on the entrance of the bathroom. The rug will soak the moisture from your feet and thus prevent the slabs from the moisture.

Sweeping and vacuuming floor tiles

Take a soft bristles broom and sweep your slabs regularly at least twice in a day. Sweeping will remove the dirt from the slabs and make them look sparkling clean all the time. Vacuuming is also necessary but not regularly. You can vacuum clean the tiled floor once in a fortnight. You must be thinking that when sweeping can clean the slabs then where is the need to vacuum them. Sweeping takes particles that are visible but leaves very fine particles than can set on the surface if not taken away. Broom can't take away everything but vacuum can make a tiled floor look perfectly clean.

Washing floor tiles

This may surprise you but it's true that slabs require occasional washing. For washing slabs, you need a special solution because chemical rich detergent can deface the slabs and also pull out the grout from its place. Slabs should be washed with oxygen bleach solution. It is a color safe and non-toxic cleaning solution. You can prepare this solution at home with few helping hands. Wash the slabs once in a week with oxygen bleach solution. By following these simple and viable tips you can keep your slabs in good condition forever.

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