Sunday, 21 July 2013

How To Choose The Best Bathroom Floor Tiles?

When considering the renovation of a bathroom, you should make sure they are hygienic and secured. When I was planning to renovate my bathroom, I came across few famous flooring materials. My main requirements were water and slip-resistant tiles. I suggest that the following flooring materials are popular and you can try them.

Ceramic or natural flooring: they are durable, strong, and easy to install and clean. They are slip and stain resistant. They are the most popular bathroom floor tiles recommended by expert decorators and architects.

Wooden flooring: they require high maintenance and available in plenty of colours. Nowadays, tiles that imitate the look of wooden flooring are also available. They are very easy to maintain.

Marble flooring: they make the surrounding look wonderful; they have all the essential properties except slip-resistance.

Laminate and vinyl flooring: they are affordable and easy to maintain. They are long-lasting and anti-slip and water resistant flooring tiles.