Friday, 28 July 2017

Floor Tiles - Latest Trend in Home Remodeling

If planning to change your flooring then there are several options to choose from. First take ceramic floor tiles. These slabs are simply beautiful and they are also resilient towards moisture, dust, dirt and grime. The striking feature of ceramic slabs is that they are convenient to install and easy to maintain. You can even try installing these pieces on your own. Since they come in a wide array of colors, designs and patterns, you will find no difficulty in creating compelling floor designs with these slabs. Ceramic slabs are available at all leading tiles stores and you can also find them on online stone shops.

Ceramic floor tiles are beautiful, durable, waterproof and above all cost effective. Most homeowners choose ceramic slabs because with these pieces they can save money while remodeling their homes. Ceramic is your best bet if you are working in limited budget. If you don't find your kind of design and colors in ceramic then try marble slabs. Marble is simply irresistible. It is the preferred choice of homeowners and homemakers but its high price discourages average homeowners from using it. You can choose majestic white marble, cappuccino marble, botticino and dark emperador marble. These are some of the best selling marble varieties in the world.

Marble floor tiles have certain disadvantages like they stain easily. Marble is a porous stone and for this reason it absorbs moisture quickly. Experts recommend that marble should be used selectively. If you are using marble all over your home then you should make sure that these slabs are protected from moisture. Ideally you should use polished slabs only as they are water resistant. Another way to protect the slabs from moisture is to seal them. Precaution is the key to maintenance for marble floors. You should use rugs and carpets to protect your slabs from spills and stains.

Experts recommend different floor tiles for different rooms. For example, granite slabs are best for kitchen floor and travertine is good for bathroom. Travertine can also be used for pool, patio and terrace. Marble pieces should be used in living room, bedroom and study. In this way, you can use every variety of slabs in your home and make it look different from others. This is called cosmetic remodeling in which renovation is done considering the basic requirements of the area concerned. You can also choose to remodel your home in parts to escape the exertion of complete remodeling.

Friday, 21 July 2017

Kitchen Wall Tiles - Romance In Kitchen

If a kitchen update is in your mind then consider kitchen wall tiles instead of paint or wallpaper. The paint will spoil within a few months and also a painted wall is difficult to clean. Slabs are the best option for you even if you are working in a strict budget. There are many places from where you can buy cheap but quality slabs. You can visit traditional shops or access online stores when searching for discounted slabs. To save more money, you can try installing the slabs on your own. Tiles set decently on the surface and if you know how to grout them then you don't need to call a mason.

Your wife spends a good part of the day in kitchen cooking delicious meals and snacks. It's your duty to make this area more comfortable for your wife so that she doesn't feel bored or exhausted when cooking meals. Looking at drab walls when preparing meals can adversely affect her cooking and she could end up preparing very formal dishes. If this happens, you shouldn't scold your wife for not cooking delicacies. You should strive to make the kitchen a comfortable place for her. Installing kitchen wall tiles can be a great idea to transform the look of your cooking area from a dull place to a functional one.

You can't cook good food because you have never tried cooking but you can assist your wife in cooking meals. You can help her cut vegetables, chop meat or crush eggs. First of all make your cooking area a romantic place where you and your wife can spend some private moments when cooking meals. With kitchen wall tiles, you can add colors to the cooking area and make it look like a garden. Choose hand painted picturesque slabs for your cooking area and treat your wife like a queen.

Bring maintenance free kitchen wall tiles for your home and have peace of mind for years. Slabs are water proof and germ free. Ask your wife which color of slabs she likes most and renovate your cooking area using the slabs she has chosen. Online stone and tiles stores can provide you plenty of options. You can find all kinds of wall slabs including ceramic, porcelain, marble, granite, travertine and slate on online stores. The best thing about Internet stores is that they offer lucrative discounts on each variety of slabs.

Floor Tiles - Maintaining Tiled Floors

Floor tiles are supposed to be maintenance free and for this reason homeowners don't take much pain in caring for their tiled floors. It is true that tiles are hard wearing, water proof, scratch resistant and spill proof but you should not expose them to water, scratches and spills. A little precaution will not only increase the life of your flooring but also keep them in good condition for long time. First make sure that the slabs are correctly installed and properly grouted. Bathroom and kitchen slabs would require sealing for added protection from water and acidic and caustic liquids.

Covering floor tiles

Mats and rugs are best companions of your slabs. They will protect them from grime and also soak the excess moisture from the surface. Put a good quality mat on the entrance and request your guests to wipe their footwear on the mat prior to stepping in. This exercise will remove all the grime from the footwear and thus prevent your slabs from the grime that your guests would otherwise carry with their footwear. Similarly, you can put rugs on the entrance of the bathroom. The rug will soak the moisture from your feet and thus prevent the slabs from the moisture.

Sweeping and vacuuming floor tiles

Take a soft bristles broom and sweep your slabs regularly at least twice in a day. Sweeping will remove the dirt from the slabs and make them look sparkling clean all the time. Vacuuming is also necessary but not regularly. You can vacuum clean the tiled floor once in a fortnight. You must be thinking that when sweeping can clean the slabs then where is the need to vacuum them. Sweeping takes particles that are visible but leaves very fine particles than can set on the surface if not taken away. Broom can't take away everything but vacuum can make a tiled floor look perfectly clean.

Washing floor tiles

This may surprise you but it's true that slabs require occasional washing. For washing slabs, you need a special solution because chemical rich detergent can deface the slabs and also pull out the grout from its place. Slabs should be washed with oxygen bleach solution. It is a color safe and non-toxic cleaning solution. You can prepare this solution at home with few helping hands. Wash the slabs once in a week with oxygen bleach solution. By following these simple and viable tips you can keep your slabs in good condition forever.