Travertine Tiles

Travertine tile has been used as a construction material since ancient times and this is apparent from the Roman buildings that are decorated with travertine and not marble stone as many think. This is a sedimentary rock found near the hot springs. The minerals that come out with the spring water accumulate at the base of the spring. Overtime these minerals become hard and transform into sedimentary rock that could be used s flooring material in homes. Since travertine is made naturally, it comes in different hues that are hard to find in other flooring's. You can get this hot spring stone slab in almost any color including majestic white, tan and many shades of red.

The main feature of travertine tile is its light weight that makes it just perfect for installing on walls. The reason behind this slab being light weight lies in its formation. During the formation period when minerals start building up at the base of a hot spring, small cavities or packets of air get entrapped in the mineral buildup. These packets remain void throughout the life of the sedimentary rock. It is these air cavities that make this slab light weight. It is called a light weight natural stone.

Travertine tile is just perfect for use on kitchen and bathroom walls, on entrance floor and around the pool. They come in tumbled, honed and polished options. Tumbled pieces are slip resistant hence they are suitable for bathroom floor and pool area. Polished slabs can be used on kitchen backsplash and shower wall. Considering the color, design and pattern available in this slab, you can also use them to decorate the fireplace, fountain and your study. This slab is convenient to install and easy to maintain. Cleaning this slab is not an issue at it is highly resilient towards moisture, dust and spills.

With travertine tile, you have an opportunity to give your kitchen or entire home a classic Mediterranean setting. This slab has a fairly brown tint that mixes with every theme and color scheme. Interior designers use this slab for a variety of applications like decorating walls and accenting nooks and corners. You can visit a home construction material store to see the variety of travertine flooring available. If you are shopping online then you can see pictures of this flooring on many online stone and tile stores. Online retailers can even offer you lucrative discounts.

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