Monday, 1 April 2013

How To Check If Ceramic Tiles Flooring are Properly Installed

Are you trying to remodel your house to give it elegant and classic look? Then tiling your house is the right choice in creating a new interior. Enormous options are available to you in choosing tiles. Ceramic tiles are the most wanted one by most home makers and decor.

Now-a-days choices are many in anything and everything, especially in tiles. They differ in shapes, sizes, colours, varieties, features, components, benefits, prices etc. But in spite of this, you should choose the perfect one that matches your taste and interest and the need for your home.

Ceramic tile always heads up in the market. It dominates the industry because of its wide benefits and cheaper price. It is best suited for any home. It is easy to clean and keep it tidy and hence a preferred choice. It is classy and stylish. It is available in all shades, colours and shapes making it easy for you to choose one that matches your interest.

It’s not enough, that you choose the right tiles alone, but you should make sure it is properly installed without any damage. On the other hand, if you don’t deal it properly and lay them carelessly, then it will tend to crack and will leave you in great problem. Many cases tiles tend to crack and break not because they are weak and fragile but the installation is not proper.

How to Properly Install a Ceramic tile?

Installing this tile might sound little tedious or complicated but it is really easy with the following tips along with steps:

1. Collect necessary tools and equipment’s for installation.
2. Check for the layout where you need to install your tiles. Prepare and arrange tiles to check if it fits the area correct or if there is a need to cut.
3. If the tiles are laid centering the room, then it appeals your eye sight.
4. Various sealers are available to use on a ceramic tile. Please do read the manufacturer’s instructions about the sealers usage. Use a proper grout and seal which will enable you to clean your tile in future.
5. Even after installation, you need to clean your tile periodically with a ceramic cleaner.

Once the tiles are laid, you can check if they look-alike.

Take a broom handle or any solid stick and knock it on the floor. If you hear a uniform and solid sound it is a positive sign, on the contrary if the sound is mild and not loud enough it indicates it is hollow below the tile. Anytime your tile might crack and a likely chance to replace it.

Another way to find out if your installation is good is  to throw a coin on the floor and check. If the coin tends to jump before it could actually stop, it means your tile is not fixed flat on the surface and thereby you need to look into it.


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