Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Sparkly Tiles Makes You Feel Like Living Around The Sparkling Stars

Think about what all we have to decorate our houses or commercial spaces. Online Tiles figure in almost every time at the top. You don’t agree with me? Well, then you have missed a certain variety of tiles that is ruling the d├ęcor line these days. Oh, you still haven’t got it? Then you must wait till you set your eyes upon a set of sparkly tiles.

Sparkly tiles are tiles that will make you feel like you are amidst a number of stars or sparkly objects. My neighborhood is seeing such an upsurge that almost every household I go to has some wall or the floor laid down with sparkly tiles.

 A lot of work and effort has gone into the making of these tiles and that is something that can be easily gauged. These sparkly tiles are quartz tiles that have modified to give quartz a new look. You must be wondering as to how sparkles are added onto the tiles. So here is the answer.  When these tiles are being made, small tiny bits of glass that are crushed in different sizes are heated and inserted onto a layer which then gets engraved inside the top layer of the tiles.

When light falls on these tiles, light gets bounced off in different directions giving an illuminated feeling on the walls or floors of the area that they are fitted into. You must try these tiles in different kinds of light as these sparkly tiles look something different every time a new light is switched on. 

Granite Tiles Have A Rough Appeal That Can Be Used For Interior and Exterior Decoration

To brighten up everything from walls, to floors of every place in a house or a public place; granite tiles have been invented. Made of granite as the name suggests, these are very strong and give immense strength to the place that they are fitted into. Be it any and every place, these tiles play an important role or so I feel.
Having an adaptability to fit into any space, these tiles are well suited to decorate houses, light commercial places and even heavily industrialized construction projects. Granite is one of the best products that can be used for making a decorative form that gives both colour and strength to the space and thus makes granite tiles as one of the best options for tiling.

Granite tiles have a very rough appeal to them and available in different hues and shades helps add a certain new dimension to the frame. They serve as an alternative for interior and exterior decoration and add to the space around. The popular use of these tiles as far as I have seen around me is in the form of slabs and flooring. They are one of the best tiles to be used in kitchen. Also, these tiles fit quite perfectly in outdoor application at places like fireplaces and around coasters and cutting boards.

Granite tiles when furnished into a home give a long lasting feel to the floors or walls that they are applied to. It brings along with it an aesthetic elegance to the residential and commercial projects.