Coloured Grout

Using coloured grout for the purpose of enhancing beauty of mosaic projects is something which is largely sought after in today's times.
Before we look into the process of beautifying mosaic projects, let us understand the basic tenets of grout. Grout is the material which is used in between the tesserae. In fact, by this process, we make up the mosaic.

As far as different grouts are concerned, we can use ready-mixed household tile grout as well as a cement-based grout. Cement based grout is excellent when it comes to waterproofing. As cement comes in the form of a powder, it is to be mixed with water to get the best results. You can also make the same amalgamation on your own. Just mixing one part cement with three parts sand results in getting the cement grout ready to use. However before using it one must be equipped to use it with the help of wearing gloves and take safety precautions.

As one can add water with a small heap of powdered grout and while it is mixed to a creamy consistency we can fix the gaps with the help of fingers and even a spreader. As one witness the grout drying on the surface of the tesserae one may brush it off with an old toothbrush. Thereafter working inwards from the edge leads to dislodge the grout from between the pieces of crockery. The whole process leads to cleaning off the grout as it saves a lot of energies at the later stages. It is a fact that set grout can be cleaned off with the help of sandpaper. If we allow the grout to set overnight, it renders it more strength and stability.

Now, you can reach out to the coloured grout. Irrespective of the fact that you are using a ready-mixed grout or a cement-based powder grout, the colour can be changed simply by using acrylic paints. However, one fundamental point to be kept in mind is the change in the consistency level. The colour may also be affected if the cement grout is already grey or brown. But there are dyes available to colour the cement to get the coloured grout.

One can also experiment with just using a single colour of shards and may try to use different grouts all over or it may be used on different parts of the mosaic. Moreover, one can also get some excellent results by using bright coloured grout with simple plain white crockery. As there is a tendency that a dense colour may stain any scratches of crazing in the glaze, it is better to consider the mentioned options on reaching out for coloured grout. 

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