Sunday, 21 July 2013

How To Choose The Best Bathroom Floor Tiles?

When considering the renovation of a bathroom, you should make sure they are hygienic and secured. When I was planning to renovate my bathroom, I came across few famous flooring materials. My main requirements were water and slip-resistant tiles. I suggest that the following flooring materials are popular and you can try them.

Ceramic or natural flooring: they are durable, strong, and easy to install and clean. They are slip and stain resistant. They are the most popular bathroom floor tiles recommended by expert decorators and architects.

Wooden flooring: they require high maintenance and available in plenty of colours. Nowadays, tiles that imitate the look of wooden flooring are also available. They are very easy to maintain.

Marble flooring: they make the surrounding look wonderful; they have all the essential properties except slip-resistance.

Laminate and vinyl flooring: they are affordable and easy to maintain. They are long-lasting and anti-slip and water resistant flooring tiles.

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Clean The Mildew And Mould From Your Kitchen Tiles And Let Them Shine Forever

Mildew and mold on the floors can be cleaned easily by following few tips given below. Do not allow them to stay for more time as the place changes as a breeding ground for germs. 

To get rid of them completely, first start by removing the stains. For this, use household bleach and mix it with water. Work on the small areas to test the solution as 
they do not discolour the tiles and then, use them for all areas where there are molds. If any discolouration occurs then, add some more water to the solution and then use. If you have not installed tiles with the protective coating then, do not use bleach, use ammonia for cleaning. Use an old toothbrush for rubbing the stains. 

You can mix baking soda with water to prepare a paste and scrub on stains. Use white vinegar and by using a soft cloth blot the germs from tiles. This cleans all the bacteria and mold and you have to continue the process until the cleaning is complete. After cleaning, remove the solution completely by washing the area with fresh 
water and let them to dry. know more about Kitchen Tiles

Sunday, 19 May 2013

Ceramic Bathroom Tiles - With Dampness Resistance

If you think that your bathrooms can remain the same without any cleanliness or maintenance steps, then you’re absolutely wrong. Your personal bathrooms need special care and attention if you want to keep yourself happy of home decoration completely.

There are various tiles type available which can help you to maintain the cleanliness of the bathrooms.  And ceramic bathroom tiles come with multitude of features which can lead one to decorate bathrooms as per need and desire. Resistance to dampness and durability features of the tiles can lead to decorate small and large sized bathrooms.

To decide from where the tiling should be started is an important factor in getting the installation job done right. In this regard, one can take help of professional tile installing companies which have been serving people from years. There are many factors which make such companies expert in tiling. They consider right size of tiles for the installation, right equipment used and the support of staff.

For better installation of ceramic bathroom tiles, companies lay emphasis on right size of tiles as it matters a lot for proper fitting results. It would be not more than wastage of money and time if someone purchases a large quality of tiles which are not of appropriate size. There are many more concerns in this direction which tile installation companies consider. Hence, it would not be wrong to say that the ceramic bathroom tiles come with a wide range of good features which can make personal bathrooms decorative and durable. 

Monday, 29 April 2013

How To Remove Grease From Black Slate Tiles?

Are you tired of removing grease stains in your kitchen or working sheds? Here is a simple solution to remove grease stains from black slate tiles.

Grease stains are common in kitchen and workshop areas. Stains such as this cannot be removed with normal cleaning solutions. Cleaning or removing grease from black slate tiles is an easy task and can be done using some homemade remedies. Spills splattered during cooking, stick on the surface of the wall and make the space dark and dull. This is the method I usually do when I find grease on my tiles.

I usually remove the grease by adding 1 small cup of vinegar in a bottle of water. Just spray the solution on the grease surface and scrub with sponge or cloth until the grease is completely removed. Once the stain is removed wash the area with warm water and dry the surface. 

How To Drill Holes In Ceramic Bathroom Tiles

Do you want to install towel bar on the bathroom tiles? You can easily put holes in the ceramic bathroom tiles with the correct equipments. These tiles are hard and brittle; you need to get a carbide drill bit or diamond tipped for this purpose.

·         Place the tape on the area to drill and mark them with a pencil. Then, dip the drill bit into cooling oil so that; it will prevent the material from overheating.
·         Position the tip of the drill on the pencil mark and ensure that you set them with the lowest speed.
·         Drill the tile slowly, once it has passed through the surface then, increase the speed lightly. If the smoke or flames are high then, dip the tip into the cooling oil.
·         Set the drill in the same speed and continue the process until the tile is pierced. Make sure that the adjacent tiles are not damaged.

Guidelines To Maintain Ceramic Kitchen Tiles

Do you want your ceramic kitchen tiles to look hygienic? Then, regular cleaning of the surface will make the tiles look clean and fresh. You can easily clean them as they clearly show the dust and stains.

You have to brush the surface after cooking and use a soft cloth to clean the water or liquid spills.

You should sweep the floor regularly to remove the germs and dust particles. Vacuum the floor for tiny particles and your surface will glitter forever.

You must use soap and water for cleaning the tiles once in a week. Do not use acidic solutions as they may discolour the surface.

You can use oxygen bleach as they will not harm the surface. You have to use them only on the spills and stains. Allow the solution for 15 minutes and wash them with water.

You can use warm water to remove the hard stains and do not let the spills to dry for a long time. You should use pads under the hot objects to avoid the scratches.

Saturday, 27 April 2013

Tips To Select The Best Granite Supplier

Granite is the one of the most popular natural stone flooring material. They are found from the earth’s crust and mixed with the resins and pigments during the manufacturing process. They are available in wide range of colours, designs and shapes. They have unique properties like long-lasting performance, hardness and visual treat. They were mostly used in the monuments and palaces.  But, they are booming in the homes now-a-days. I will assist with the following precautionary steps to select the best granite supplier

1. according to your financial resources , plan the quality and cost of these flooring materials
2. Use the classifieds and find out the best local granite dealers.  Make sure your place is near to their location
3. Acquire thorough knowledge before you discuss with the merchants
4. Check for the offers , discounts and warranties
5. Read the reviews about the particular shops , you have decided
6. Compare the quality and cost
7. There are few shops who will provide the installation services as well

Regaining The Brightness Of Limestone Floor Tiles

Are you trying to restore the beauty of limestone floor tiles? Then, cleaning the surface and sealing them could be the right choice. The pores in the stone will absorb the dust particles and they destroy the shine on the surface.

·       Use a dust mop to get rid of the dust particles and other contaminants. You can use a damp mop to remove the layers of dust and you have to dry the surface with a towel immediately.
·         Get a limestone cleaner from the tiles shop and use them to clean the surface. Spread the cleaner on the surface.  Check whether the cleaner needs to be mixed with water.
·         Remove the cleaner with water and let the surface to dry overnight. To protect the surface from stains, seal them.
·         Apply the sealant with a paint brush and let them to dry for one day. Do not walk on the floor before the sealant dries.

Sealing The Limestone Tile Flooring

Do you want to seal the limestone tiles flooring? You can easily carry out the work by following my tips. Limestone is a natural stone which is soft and porous. You have to seal the tiles for protecting the surface. You should seal them while installing and on a regular basis.

Seal the tiles before grouting and after installing the tiles. You should wash the tiles before applying the sealant. You should use a stone cleaner to clean the tiles. Spray the solution and wipe them with a soft cloth. Let the surface to dry before applying the sealant. Pour the sealer into a bowl and dip the paint brush into the sealer and apply them on the surface as broad strokes evenly to the whole area. The floor appears wet when you have applied perfectly. After 5 minutes, remove the excess solution and allow the surface to dry. After two or three hours, you should apply second coat of sealant. For moist areas, you have to seal three or four times and allow them to dry. you can seal the floor once in two years and protect the tiles.

Thursday, 25 April 2013

Can I Clean My Kitchen Marble Tiles With Acids?

If marbles are installed on kitchen floor then, continue reading my post. My kitchen tiles are about 6 years but still they shine and glitter like new ones. Marbles are very sensitive and effective even to the weak acids like vinegar, lemon juice, and fruit juices. Even though your tiles are polished or unpolished, never attempt to clean your floor with acids. 

The content present in acids, make the floor to be etched and faded. In a most awful case, marble starts breaking into a white sand. Even a spill of soda or cirtric juice can spoil your tiles. If you have spilled the acid by accident, quickly pour water on the floor and wipe it with a soft and spongy cloth. And, make sure the floor is dry.  But some of it will remain underneath the surface. Use cleansers that are not acidic and harsh. Use the appropriate cleanser to clean your floor. Even spill of wine and alcohol can etch the surface. 

How To Remove Nail Polish From Ceramic Bathroom Tiles?

Do you want to remove nail polish stains from your Ceramic Bathroom Tiles and grout? If so, continue reading my post.
To remove these stains, you need to take a paper towel and soak it in normal nail polish remover, thinner, acetate, ethyl acetate or non-acetone remover. These solutions are easily available in normal all home department stores. Wipe the tile with the paper towel which is soaked in remover. Now leave the paper to rest on the polish for 5 minutes so that the polish can be completely soaked and soften.

Ceramic Bathroom Tiles

Once the polish becomes soft, dip any old brush into the polish remover and gently scrub the area. Gently scrub the polish until it is removed. Once the polish is completely removed, wash the area with warm water.  Don’t use any harsh chemicals and detergents to remove the polish because it will cause discoloration or fade your tiles

Decorate Your Kitchen With Travertine Kitchen Tiles

Travertine kitchen tiles are booming now-a-days for their unique qualities like strength, quality and visual treat. They are the best, when compared to marble and granite. Not just in kitchen, they are preferred in all the spaces of homes and business areas. They are obtained from the earth’s crust. During the manufacturing process, they are mixed with different colours. The colours like gold, beige, ivory and walnut are very famous. They will make your home look luxurious and glittery.
Travertine Kitchen Tiles

I have chosen the honed finish, which transformed my floor with matte effect. Polished finish is also used in recent times. Choose the best local dealers and installers for the best outlook. From the ancient period, they are ideal for the kitchen worktops and backsplashes. They never get stained or fade easily. Essential care should be taken in the kitchen to stay healthy and hygienic. Travertine kitchen tiles will fulfil all my requirements. It is easy to clean and to remove the settled dirt’s in the grouts. Use the cleaners recommended for these tiles instead of acids. 

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Maintenance Tips For Limestone Bathroom Tiles

Limestone tiles are the best natural stone compared to other flooring materials. They are made of calcium carbonate along with some resins and pigments. Limestone bathroom tiles’ performance will surprise you, as they stay lively for many years. They are money-worth and available in plenty of colour combinations. They can be installed on the floors, walls, porticos, kitchen worktops and backsplashes. They can be of polished, semi-polished and honed finishes. You can choose few popular colours like beige, brown, black and white. Perfect grouting is needed to increase the durability. They are stain-resistant and easy to clean. I will suggest you few tips to maintain these tiles and retain their glossy effect.

1. They are sensitive to hard water and porous by nature, so keep them dry always

2. High grade sealant is preferred to protect the surface from the stains and breakages

3. Don’t let the spills dry out , wipe with the wet cloth immediately

4. Use mild detergents and soaps with neutral PH

What Kind Of Sealant Can I Use For Slate Tiles Bathroom?

Sealing slate tiles before and after installation process can prevent your tiles from discoloration and other problems. Like other tiles slate tiles bathroom, tends to look strong and rough but they are not. There are many types including water-based, oil-based and polyurethane-based sealants. Whatever your choice be, it is always advisable to perform pre-grout and post grout sealing. Pre-grout type sealing makes the sealant sit on the surface, while the other types allow the sealant to penetrate into the tiles.

One major problem while laying slate bathroom tiles are that when applying grout on the sides of tiles, there is a possibility of staining. So it is better to seal the tiles before installing. Or you can soak tiles before installation. Post-type sealing increases the durability of the tiles. Pre -sealing and post type of sealing increase the durability of the stone and gives them a permanent shine. 

Do You Want To Save Your Money By Using A Homemade Cleanser For Slate Tiles?

Do you want to save your money by making cleaning solution at home? If so read my post. Since slate tiles are natural they are very sensitive to mild acids like vinegar. This post helps you to reduce the usage of chemicals at home.

Hydro oxide solution- add a cup of this solution to 1 bucket of water and apply or spray on the surface of the tiles. Let it stand for 15 minutes and wipe your floor with warm water. 

Baking soda- it is the safe option for use on slate tiles. Mix baking soda and water until they become a paste. Apply on the surface of the stains and let them stand for 10 minutes. Remove the paste with warm water and wipe with soft cloth.

Mild Detergents- stains such as grease and wax cannot be removed with normal solutions. So you can remove them by adding ½ spoon of detergent to warm water. Let it stand for 3-4 minutes and wipe it with soft cloth. 

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Black Quartz Tiles Suit Kitchen Countertops And Backsplashes

Are you planning to enhance your kitchen? Then, black quartz tiles are the ideal choice for all Kitchen renovation projects. Let me tell you some unique features of these tiles so, that you can choose them for your kitchen.

Black quartz tiles are versatile in nature and you can lay them for both traditional and contemporary house. You can create checkerboard pattern by combining with white marble tiles. These tiles are highly durable and they are affordable. You can easily install the tiles and they reduce the effort of maintenance. It is suitable for kitchen countertops and backsplashes and the tiny mirrors on the surface reflect light in an amazing way. They suit any theme and are always popular for their sparkling appearance. These tiles do not go out of fashion so; you need not replace them according to the trends. Its going to last forever.

Removing The Scratches From The Sandstone Tiles

You have to wear rubber gloves before starting the work. Mix the oxygen bleach powder with warm water and dissolve them completely. Dip the plastic scrubbing brush into the solution and work on the area where there are scratches. This will eliminate the germs from the marks and use a cloth dipped with fresh water to remove the solutions. Again, you must use a dry cloth to clean the sandstone tiles.

Dip the steel wool in cold water and rub on the scratches to remove them completely from the surface. Use a low grade of steel wool, as heavy grade will damage the surface. If the scratches are deeper, then opt for a professional to remove them. You have to apply sandstone sealant after removing the scratches and allow them to dry. You can apply a second coat of sealant to protect the surface.

Cleaning The Black Galaxy Granite Tiles

Are you planning to remodel the house? Then, black galaxy granite is the ideal choice, as they make the surface look clean and hygienic.

You have to sweep the floor regularly to remove all the dust particles. You can use a broom and a dust bin to eliminate the moisture from the surface. For the countertops, you can use a sponge or a hand brush to remove any particles. Spray the stone cleaner on the spills and stains and work on them to remove them completely.

You can use lemon juice on hard stains, as they will loosen up. You should not leave the lemon juice for more hours, as they are acidic. They will remove the brightness of the floor. You can remove the stuck-on gunk using the razor blade. Scratch the floor with the razor blade to remove the hard stains and this blade will not harm the granite tiles. At last, you have to apply the sealant made for the granite and allow them to dry completely before using the surface.

Friday, 19 April 2013

Pick The Right Kind Of Wall Tiles

A tile for the flooring is common. Isn't it?  Now-a-days it has become the trend to use different kinds of tiles for the walls. Imagine, how does it look? I found it awesome and I used it for my kitchen and bathroom walls.  Kitchen and the bathrooms are the place which gets wet easily. Theses wall tiles save us from wall stains and damages.

I found lot of varieties online in the wall tiles which includes ceramic, mosaic, marble, glass, etc. They are available in lot of colors and patterns. I chose large sized tiles to make my wall grouting easy.  They are efficient to give a glossy and neat look. They are highly durable, water resistant and capable to handle high temperatures. They are also available in floral designs, human or animal figures in it. I choose pebble designs for the bathroom. The installation process completed within a short span of time. So, select the right kind of wall tiles and add value to your home. 

Decorate Your Home With White Marble Tiles

If you have any plan to renovate or decorate your house, then white marble tiles are the best. Most of the high-class hotels use marble tiles to create a rich atmosphere. They are of natural stone kind and preferred for all the interiors and exteriors. Not only will they improve the style of your home but also they are long-lasting and water and temperature resistant. 

These tiles are available in plenty of colours and patterns. They can be used in the kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms. They suit well if they are fixed on the lawn, entrances and walkways. They can be matched with different colours and patterns. None other than this tile can create a peaceful ambience. They are considered as the first choice for the home owners and architects. Installing them is effortless. Use soft broom and cloth to clean them. Enjoy the amazing environment with white marble tiles.

Removing The Stain And Dirt From Dark Spanish Emperador Tiles

Are you aware that the dark Spanish Emperador tiles are of natural stone kind? Always using the natural products help us from less effects. They are available in plenty of colours and designs. The choice is yours! All the colours will definitely make the room elegant and modern. I used these hard tiles for my kitchen and bathroom, which are of course the high-traffic areas .The spills in these areas are normal and unavoidable. Let me suggest you few tips to remove the stains from the surface.

1. Use baking soda and drop on the stains so that the germs will die.

2. Wipe the stains with a soft cloth and water; polish until you retain the original ones.

3. Rinse the entire dark Spanish Emperador tiles with water and make sure they are free from moisture.

4. You should not use detergents which has acidic contents.

Here Are Few Tips To Choose The Right Kitchen Tiles

1. Choose color that makes you work peacefully and briskly.

2. Avoid using light colored grout. Of course, light colors are more attractive than the darker colors. But remember one thing, light colored grout is tough to clean and they can be easily stained by oil, grease, stain and hard water. So, use dark color to avoid it. Even if they fade darker color will protect them.

3. Choose natural kitchen wall tiles. You can also try artificial tiling option but they will lack durability unlike real product, so choose natural stone.

4. Make sure you buy kitchen wall tiles with warranty and guarantee.

5. It is recommended to buy tiles with 5 % extra. Because you can use them if there is a shortage or even when tiles are broken.

6. If you do not have enough budget try discounted tiles. They are more than enough to meet the needs of the wall.

7. Whatever type of tiling option you choose make sure tiles are coated with a stain, moisture, and frost proof.

8. Use ceramic kitchen wall tiles as they are easy to clean.

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Bring Out the Essence of Luxury with Floor Tiles

Gorgeousness is addictive. A perfectly primped house induces inner confidence of the employer that makes possible to make addictive every individuals. Every woman’s life is surrounded by the fantasy of beauty and making beautiful things including internal as well as external parts of home. But to make out an outstanding home as per your taste is not an easy deal. Usually people go crazy with the things that make them comfortable. Designs of which can evoke strong essence of luxury.  So think, which tiles will be best to install? Yes, Floor tiles. No question, it has also its drawbacks, but, in many ways that matters, these tiles are herd to beat. Employing Floor tiles can be added heavens touch to the floors.

Starting with the exclusive beginnings at elitist tables, the concept has today come into its own. Previously tiles are only preferred by classy people but gradually it becomes the prime choice of middle class people. I particularly prefer Floor tiles as durability of these tiles are very high and designs are too excusive. I get to know about Floor tiles from some reliable source, then and there, I search out my entire relevant query from internet about tiles. You can also use the source of internet to get information about tiles. I suggest you not to waste your valuable time in sundry conversations. Do what you want to do. Install Floor tiles and make yourself ready to grab congratulations as it will be in your way.

Saturday, 6 April 2013

New Tips And Ideas On Marble Tiles

Every homeowner wants to decorate his/her home with the amazing tiles so the best one is Marble tiles that make your home and office attractive and catchy to the eyes. Marble tiles are not only appearing attractive and charming but also very durable.

Tips and Ideas on how to maintain Marble tiles

After decorating your home or office with the tiles, you need to look after them with great care. There are some tips or ideas on how can you keep your marble tiles clean and shiny.

Marble tile is the most well known and stylish decoration in any flooring surfaces available today, from the simple one colors to the more official and vibrant types. Marble floor tiles are the perfect choice for the official area, shower, bathtub, ground and walls or somewhere else in your office or home where you want to royal looks and different attraction.

You can select various materials for your marbled flooring surfaces and many options of personalized styles. The best-like shade is yellow-colored and bravo colors. Glass beads flooring surfaces in these colors are well known.

Remember, before you purchase the materials for your marbled flooring surfaces, you must know about your requirement. It is an investment so think carefully otherwise buying a wrong content for your restroom or kitchen; you may end up eliminating them all over so make sure to create an agreement on a certified professional specialist who can provide many sources that you can call to confirm expertise and quality.

Marble tiles are a natural product taken from the underneath of the earth, there is less control in the veining and shade difference. Do not see only appearance but also durability. Kitchen countertops need marble tile with greater durability and more powerful surface to hold up against food spots and substances. Surfaces need more durability and more powerful surface to hold up women’s sandals.

Regular servicing is the one and only way to keep your marbled flooring surfaces shiny and clean. However, sometimes fast daily activities can create it difficult to go down and fresh. However, do not forget that everything required maintenance.

The real cleaning solutions for the marbled flooring is plain warm water and never depend on the chemicals or acid, it might be possible it would destroy the beauty of your marble flooring.

If you follow theses tips and ideas, your home or office surely always looks beautiful and attractive.

Friday, 5 April 2013

Ceramic Kitchen Tiles

Ceramic is one of the popular materials chosen for beautifying the kitchen and in a way to match its accessories. One of the places where women like to spend most of their time is kitchen and having a wonderful kitchen is one of the best ways to thank her for the efforts. Many home renovation experts recommend ceramic tiles, as they are strong and durable. In addition, ceramic kitchen tiles are available in different colors to match the tastes and preferences of individuals and refurnish their home décor. The Kitchen is one of the important places in the house and decorating it beautifully can make it a wonderful place to spend time.

Ceramic kitchen tiles can be found in many houses, as they can withstand high temperature along with wear and tear. There are several benefits of installing ceramic kitchen tiles besides the different varieties of color and design that they are available. Moreover, everyone wants the best for their house and choosing ceramic kitchen tiles can bring them lots of appreciation and impress the women of his life. Ceramic kitchen tiles are an ideal choice for kitchen countertops and floors because they look elegant, are cost-effective, and add beauty to the overall look of the kitchen. However, it is important to purchase this kitchen tile from a reputed online store selling good quality material and delivering the products on time.

Choosing ceramic tile for the kitchen can be common but nothing could be better for the timeless beauty and add a classic look on the interiors of the kitchen. Redesign your kitchen in a way to make you feel proud of your choice.

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

How To Install The Travertine Bathroom Tiles?

Are you not interested to spend much to the professional installers? Then, you can lay the travertine bathroom tiles on your own. It is a challenge and requires a little bit of hard work. They will make the room stylish and luxurious. Let me guide you with the installing tips: clean the area and make the smooth and even. If you are renovating, then you have to remove all the old tiles and don’t leave any adhesive residues or rubbishes.

1. Measure the area to be installed and place the order for the tiles

2. Get the small size tiles to avoid the wastages

3. Think on some innovative pattern and use a cardboard , place the tile underneath and decide

4. Fix them with the high quality adhesive and apply the thick layer of grouts in the edges

5. Wipe the excess with the wet sponge and allow them to dry for a day

How To Lay Slate Wall Tiles

The rustic beauty of slate wall tiles is unmatched. I love the natural elegance, cleft face, uneven thickness and surface finishes of these wall tiles. For installing slate wall tiles, choose the tiles that do not vary more than ¼ inch in thickness. This variation is easily evened out by applying the different amounts of mortar during installation. I have installed slate wall tiles in my kitchen and absolutely love the appearance.

1. To install wall tiles, you first need to measure the wall and mark of a similar area on a flat surface nearby. Lay out the tiles on this area and create an even pattern with the right blend of colours. Work out the placement by taking advantage of the colour and venation variation of the slate tiles.

2. Ensure that the wall is completely dry before you start installing. Start with the tile at the bottom-centre of the wall.  After you lay that one, lay the tiles on both the sides of the central tile. Do not use the tiles with extreme unevenness at the centre.

3. I usually spread the thin-set mortar in small amounts for evenness. Use the trowel to produce some ridges evenly. This helps in the proper fixing of the tile. Use more thin-set on the thin tiles and less on the thicker ones.

4. Lay the slate wall tiles in the same pattern as the dry-fit. Beat the tile with wooden mallet to create even surfaces.

5. Seal the tiles with a good sealant, after the thin-set mortar is completely dry. Wipe the excess sealer and proceed to grouting.

Monday, 1 April 2013

How To Check If Ceramic Tiles Flooring are Properly Installed

Are you trying to remodel your house to give it elegant and classic look? Then tiling your house is the right choice in creating a new interior. Enormous options are available to you in choosing tiles. Ceramic tiles are the most wanted one by most home makers and decor.

Now-a-days choices are many in anything and everything, especially in tiles. They differ in shapes, sizes, colours, varieties, features, components, benefits, prices etc. But in spite of this, you should choose the perfect one that matches your taste and interest and the need for your home.

Ceramic tile always heads up in the market. It dominates the industry because of its wide benefits and cheaper price. It is best suited for any home. It is easy to clean and keep it tidy and hence a preferred choice. It is classy and stylish. It is available in all shades, colours and shapes making it easy for you to choose one that matches your interest.

It’s not enough, that you choose the right tiles alone, but you should make sure it is properly installed without any damage. On the other hand, if you don’t deal it properly and lay them carelessly, then it will tend to crack and will leave you in great problem. Many cases tiles tend to crack and break not because they are weak and fragile but the installation is not proper.

How to Properly Install a Ceramic tile?

Installing this tile might sound little tedious or complicated but it is really easy with the following tips along with steps:

1. Collect necessary tools and equipment’s for installation.
2. Check for the layout where you need to install your tiles. Prepare and arrange tiles to check if it fits the area correct or if there is a need to cut.
3. If the tiles are laid centering the room, then it appeals your eye sight.
4. Various sealers are available to use on a ceramic tile. Please do read the manufacturer’s instructions about the sealers usage. Use a proper grout and seal which will enable you to clean your tile in future.
5. Even after installation, you need to clean your tile periodically with a ceramic cleaner.

Once the tiles are laid, you can check if they look-alike.

Take a broom handle or any solid stick and knock it on the floor. If you hear a uniform and solid sound it is a positive sign, on the contrary if the sound is mild and not loud enough it indicates it is hollow below the tile. Anytime your tile might crack and a likely chance to replace it.

Another way to find out if your installation is good is  to throw a coin on the floor and check. If the coin tends to jump before it could actually stop, it means your tile is not fixed flat on the surface and thereby you need to look into it.

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Solve Kitchen Tile Issues With My Kitchen Tiles Ideas

Are you confused in finding out the suitable flooring for your kitchen? I hope I may recommend with few tips to find out the best. Decorating the kitchen doesn’t look much hectic.  We can easily decide with our basic needs to make our kitchen an elegant and decorative one.  I would like to share my experience in decorating my kitchen. My basic needs were durability, long lasting, water resistance and stain confrontation.  I planned kitchen tiles not only for floor but also for the wall, back splashes and counterparts. I made a combination of different tile material like glass, metal, marble and stone to create a fresh look and they were less in cost.

I matched glossy look tiles and the matt look tiles to give a unique look to my foils. Finding out the best suitable tiles for my flooring was quite confusing. I ended up choosing a dark color which made my kitchen look large. I took contrasting color tiles to make my kitchen elegant.  We all knew that kitchen is the place where we withstand lot of problems like sagging things, liquid spill outs and skippering.  I chose ceramic tiles for the flooring as they are durable and water resistant.  According to the different colors I suited them with a best color for the wall paints. The last but not least the counterparts of the kitchen have to maintained with special care as they hold all the kitchen utensils including knives. By that way, cleaning the tiles was easy by simple sweep out with few detergents. 

Bathroom Tiles ideas

Bathroom happens to be a main part of the home. So, it has to be kept neat and decorative. I installed floor and wall tiles for my bathroom. I made sure it was installed by an expert to get an error free work. Choosing the tiles depends upon few queries to be cleared out like the usage, color, designs and maintenance.  I contacted few local merchants for the best Bathroom Tiles ideas. My bathroom has few windows and doesn’t look darker. So, I avoided bright colors like black or red as they make the room look small.  I ended up with mismatching two different colors of ceramic tiles to my bathroom. I paved way for calm colors like green, blue and violet and accomplished with few delightful bathroom accessories.   

I chose a grout free tile to avoid unnecessary dirt settling on the bathroom tiles.  I chose textured tiles, as it gives a rasping tone and avoids skippering.  Many people think that maintaining this ceramic tile is a big task but I assure a simple sweep out with few drops of vinegar that will do wonders to the entire bathroom. I personally advise not to use bleach or any other acids as they dull the tile color.  To avoid scratches on the tiles, don’t drag or drop any heavy objects.  Ceramic tiles are the best idea for the bathroom flooring. They are familiar for their durability, water and fire resistance. Ceramic wall tiles are much cheaper than the others and easy to install. 

Friday, 22 March 2013

How To Install Jura Limestone Tiles

Limestone Tiles are durable and are one of the hardest available. This quality makes it usable in many areas whether in the interiors or exteriors. They are available in the shades of Blue Gray which makes it look really elegant on floor as well as walls.

The Jura Lime stone tiles look great on walls with their color palate changing from blue to gray. The ammonites or belemnites in the stone make them look exotic. Because of the porous nature of the tiles, they can be used for heating purposes through under floor mechanism. They look extremely good in both matte finish with a smooth hone and a polished finish.

The color and pattern of these stones make them uniquely beautiful. This has become very popular and used in many homes. The texture is different from any other stone in the market. These are mined in the Jura Mountains, Germany. This has been proven to be the toughest limestone available. They are used a lot in high usage areas like hallways, kitchens and dining areas. The natural limestone will add a touch of class to any entry way. It could also add a rustic look to the outdoor bathhouses. They are known for their enduring beauty.

Depending on the style of the room, or the whole house, use the color and pattern. The tiles can be installed skillfully if proper tools are available. If the sub floor is already laid, then concrete should be poured on it and leveled. If it is a remodeled floor, a backer board, which is water resistant, is needed. Measure the room and buy the number of tiles accordingly. Always buy a few more for fittings at the edges or to compensate for damages. The store manager would advise on the right kind of grout or mortar to use for the floor. Laying of these should be started from the center of the room. Lay the stones next to each other first without securing. Organize them and then start plastering to the floor. Porous stone like this might need a sealant. A sealant makes them stain proof and water resistant. If sealant is not used, water and other spills will be absorbed by the stone which makes the stone to change color and stain easily. To fill the edges perfectly, some stones might need cutting. While cutting the stones use proper tools and safe guard yourself against the dust and stone chips. After laying all the stones, allow them to dry for a few hours. Fill in the gaps with grout. Clean the excess with a soft and damp cloth. Once the grout is dried completely, the floor is ready to use.

Limestone Tiles are available in many types like the  Blue Gray,  Beige and  Blue. They give a beautiful texture to the floor and these colors are desired by many homeowners. The blue and gray shades add a touch of royalty to the houses. They are durable and less porous when compared to the normal variety. The edges are cut uniquely into diamonds to emphasize their pattern and texture. These polished tiles enhance the creativity in the house and match with the regal décor of the house.