Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Clean The Mildew And Mould From Your Kitchen Tiles And Let Them Shine Forever

Mildew and mold on the floors can be cleaned easily by following few tips given below. Do not allow them to stay for more time as the place changes as a breeding ground for germs. 

To get rid of them completely, first start by removing the stains. For this, use household bleach and mix it with water. Work on the small areas to test the solution as 
they do not discolour the tiles and then, use them for all areas where there are molds. If any discolouration occurs then, add some more water to the solution and then use. If you have not installed tiles with the protective coating then, do not use bleach, use ammonia for cleaning. Use an old toothbrush for rubbing the stains. 

You can mix baking soda with water to prepare a paste and scrub on stains. Use white vinegar and by using a soft cloth blot the germs from tiles. This cleans all the bacteria and mold and you have to continue the process until the cleaning is complete. After cleaning, remove the solution completely by washing the area with fresh 
water and let them to dry. know more about Kitchen Tiles

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