Monday, 29 April 2013

Guidelines To Maintain Ceramic Kitchen Tiles

Do you want your ceramic kitchen tiles to look hygienic? Then, regular cleaning of the surface will make the tiles look clean and fresh. You can easily clean them as they clearly show the dust and stains.

You have to brush the surface after cooking and use a soft cloth to clean the water or liquid spills.

You should sweep the floor regularly to remove the germs and dust particles. Vacuum the floor for tiny particles and your surface will glitter forever.

You must use soap and water for cleaning the tiles once in a week. Do not use acidic solutions as they may discolour the surface.

You can use oxygen bleach as they will not harm the surface. You have to use them only on the spills and stains. Allow the solution for 15 minutes and wash them with water.

You can use warm water to remove the hard stains and do not let the spills to dry for a long time. You should use pads under the hot objects to avoid the scratches.

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