Monday, 29 April 2013

How To Drill Holes In Ceramic Bathroom Tiles

Do you want to install towel bar on the bathroom tiles? You can easily put holes in the ceramic bathroom tiles with the correct equipments. These tiles are hard and brittle; you need to get a carbide drill bit or diamond tipped for this purpose.

·         Place the tape on the area to drill and mark them with a pencil. Then, dip the drill bit into cooling oil so that; it will prevent the material from overheating.
·         Position the tip of the drill on the pencil mark and ensure that you set them with the lowest speed.
·         Drill the tile slowly, once it has passed through the surface then, increase the speed lightly. If the smoke or flames are high then, dip the tip into the cooling oil.
·         Set the drill in the same speed and continue the process until the tile is pierced. Make sure that the adjacent tiles are not damaged.

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