Tuesday, 2 April 2013

How To Install The Travertine Bathroom Tiles?

Are you not interested to spend much to the professional installers? Then, you can lay the travertine bathroom tiles on your own. It is a challenge and requires a little bit of hard work. They will make the room stylish and luxurious. Let me guide you with the installing tips: clean the area and make the smooth and even. If you are renovating, then you have to remove all the old tiles and don’t leave any adhesive residues or rubbishes.

1. Measure the area to be installed and place the order for the tiles

2. Get the small size tiles to avoid the wastages

3. Think on some innovative pattern and use a cardboard , place the tile underneath and decide

4. Fix them with the high quality adhesive and apply the thick layer of grouts in the edges

5. Wipe the excess with the wet sponge and allow them to dry for a day

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