Saturday, 27 April 2013

Sealing The Limestone Tile Flooring

Do you want to seal the limestone tiles flooring? You can easily carry out the work by following my tips. Limestone is a natural stone which is soft and porous. You have to seal the tiles for protecting the surface. You should seal them while installing and on a regular basis.

Seal the tiles before grouting and after installing the tiles. You should wash the tiles before applying the sealant. You should use a stone cleaner to clean the tiles. Spray the solution and wipe them with a soft cloth. Let the surface to dry before applying the sealant. Pour the sealer into a bowl and dip the paint brush into the sealer and apply them on the surface as broad strokes evenly to the whole area. The floor appears wet when you have applied perfectly. After 5 minutes, remove the excess solution and allow the surface to dry. After two or three hours, you should apply second coat of sealant. For moist areas, you have to seal three or four times and allow them to dry. you can seal the floor once in two years and protect the tiles.


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