Sunday, 25 January 2015

Types of Slate Tiles

There are two types of Slate tiles available in the market, one is natural slate and another one is synthetic slate however, both are very popular among the homeowners and professional designers. The natural slate is directly come from the mines while synthetic slate can be manufactured anywhere. Some renowned mines of natural slate are situated includes south America , Brazil ad united kingdom on the other hand synthetic tiles are mainly manufactured in china. Both tiles have their own qualities such as natural slate comes in limited colors and it is less strong while synthetic slate comes in different colors and highly durable. Nevertheless, both kinds of slates are best options for the home renovation and now it is up to you, which kind of tiles you like to prefer for your home décor.

There are many manufacturers all over the world, who, produce synthetic Slate tiles and marketed them in entire world and these synthetic slates are going to be very popular among all tiles distributors as they are cheap, stylish and durable. The natural Slate tiles also are in huge demand that is why the production of these tiles is increasing rapidly day by day. These tiles can be installed anywhere such as hotels, malls, commercial places, giant buildings and of course homes. These tiles come in different colors, shapes, textures, design and patterns. Many homeowners like to install these tiles because they provide an incredible look to any area where they are installed so these tiles are the best option for the modern home renovation. 


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